Good Friend Multi-Compartment With Buttons Pencil Box

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This cute and cool Good Friend pencil box features buttons so you can get to what you need quickly. Press a button - out pops your sharpener. Press another - out pops your eraser. Press another - and some more cool stuff appears... like a thermometer! I mean, it's important to keep you cool with this cute pencil case, right?


Another useful feature is the adjustable calendar. Make sure you update your calendar daily so you can prepare for your day.


And lets talk about your pens. Oh my... your friends will be so jealous when you show off how awesome this pencil box stores and allows access to your pens.  

This pencil box comes in 4 colors, so get yours while they last as this is one of our most popular pencil boxes!

Type: Pencil Case
Category: Pencil Case
Size: 25cm*9cm*3.5cm
Model Number: HL-3208
Use: Schools & Offices
Material: Plastic
Novelty: Fantastic

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